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COE El Rubí - Honduras (Specialty Capsules)


Brown Sugar, Red Apple, Honey, and a Hint of Cloves.

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  • Elevation: 1,400 masl
  • Variety: Parainema
  • Process: Washed
  • Producer: Cup of Excellence

The Cerro Azul Meambar farm is located at 1700 meters, in the natural reserve of the same name, in the municipality of Siguatepeque, department of Comayagua. It is a family owned company, acquired in 2011 by Mr. Erwin José Mierisch, who discovered the potential of Honduran terroir for the harvest of specialty coffees. Currently there are 25 people who collaborate permanently in the farm.

The Mierisch Family decided to grow varieties with a good cup profile, such as Yellow Pacamara, Yellow Pacas, Java, Red Catuai, Ethiosar, Orange Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Laurina and SL 28.

Due to the fact that the farm is located in a natural reserve, it implements various natural resources conservation practices, such as protection of the surrounding forests, protection of water sources and proper management of coffee processing wastewater and pulp.

Additionally, they perform good practices of coffee tissue handling and integrated management of pests and diseases, among others. Due to the benefits of the microclimate and the ideal soil composition, the farm has an optimal environment and conditions to produce specialty coffee, along with the adoption of a strict coffee harvesting regime, the different types of processes and the slow sun drying techniques.

The Cup of Excellence program is an opportunity to reach special market niches and become known worldwide; to be an example for other producers of how much can be done working with quality. It is a bridge to show that Honduras has all the benefits of producing exceptional coffees at prices that have reached important records. It is the honor of bringing up the best coffee in Honduras.

Jennifer Iveth Madrid Chávez is the owner of the El Rubí Farm, located at 1400 meters, in the village of El Coquillal, Municipality of Santa Bárbara, Department of Santa Bárbara.

It is a family farm that generates permanent employment for two people, who are in charge of looking for the necessary coffee harvesters during this season, thus providing more employment in their area.

She prefers to cultivate the Parainema variety, due to its exotic profile, quality and distinct flavor. She takes care of the natural environment of her farm and use walnut and cedar trees to regulate the shadow of the coffee plantation. Additionally, she uses plants as living barriers to avoid soil erosion. Along with her family, Jennifer prepares a natural fertilizer using the coffee pulp.

For Jennifer Iveth, the Cup of Excellence program is a wonderful opportunity to promote her quality work, in addition to being recognized along with her family, as producers of the best specialty coffees in Honduras.